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We are located at N. 48th and St. Paul in Lincoln, Nebraska (Entrance is on St. Paul Ave. just west of N. 48th Street.) Come on by!

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May 21, 2012

Artists and Gallery ~

Heart of Gold Jewelers is Charles William Yost, a Jewelers of America (J.A.) Certified Senior Bench Jeweler with more than 40 years of experience as a manufacturing jeweler with expertise in the design, repair and manufacture of fine jewelry from an old-school craftsman perspective, and his daughter, Antonia (Toni) Yost, a Revere Academy graduate and topnotch designer/bench jeweler in her own right.

Heart of Gold also features pieces by other local craftspeople. These include wood carvings by Jay Schmidt, delicate beaded jewelry by Ginger Lippold and Deborah Yost, glasswork by Michael Brehm, unique artisan pottery by Larry Pelter, and art photography by Mina Lee and Steve O' Hare.

Potter Larry Pelter grew up in Newman Grove, a farming community in north central Nebraska. He has had a diverse upbringing - experiencing, at times, life as a sheepherder, cowboy, railroad gandy dancer, truck driver, anti-submarine warfare specialist, electrical engineer and Zen practitioner. Throughout his life, he has maintained a passion for the arts, having studied classical and blues guitar, painting, drawing and ceramic art.

Photographer Mina Lee is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to attend graduate school at the University of Nebraska, where she received her Master and Doctoral degrees with emphasis on Second Language Acquisition and Learning. Mina also brought her life-long love of art with her to America. While she has worked in different mediums during her artistic career, photography has become her true passion, working in both film and with digital cameras. She enjoys using her digital cameras for taking photos of nature, including sceneries and flowers.

Woodcarver Jay Schmidt is a retired pastor who does both two and three-dimensional woodcarvings from nature, and buildings, with an emphasis on old barns. Jay says "My interest in art took off when I was in the 4th grade when our class took a trip to the University of Nebraska Art Gallery. I thought, "this is really great!" My first woodcarving was done while in my first parish- a Nativity set in walnut. Carving continued to be a special interest, and since retiring I have been able to spend more time carving. I have had carvings in several galleries and at shows in Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

Beader Deborah Yost is a retired financial advisor who has worked in beads for the fun of it since 1968. Working mainly in unique glass beads, crystal, wood and bone, she makes unique earrings and strand necklaces. She says, " I love the colors and the fact that no two are the same. Each is a section on the prayer rope of life!"  Deb is also webmistress for Heart of Gold, Toni's Mom and Charlie's spouse.

Glass artist Michael Brehm was born and raised in Lincoln, NE and is a LNE Rocket, graduating in 1988. He is a UNL graduate who married and moved to Oregon in 1994. Michael works with Bullseye Glass Company in Portland, which is one of the world's largest makers of glass for art and architecture. After taking classes in glass kiln-working he became extremely interested in the different techniques invoved, and started making his own art glass objects (Looking Glass Studios). Michael's display at Heart of Gold Jewelers was his very first public show.

John Haxby is a photojournalist in Lincoln, Nebraska.

"Buy fresh, buy local" art!!

Our Jewelry ~

Moonstone in sterling

                          Topaz and diamond in gold            

Gold ribbon with colored gems (citrine, peridot, sapphire)

Heart of Gold has a wide variety of jewelry in different metals and price ranges. Almost every piece you will see here is lovingly handmade in our shop. We also can custom-make pieces to your specifications by request. If you have loose stones that you would like mounted into beautiful jewelry or old pieces you want turned into something new, we can do it!
- Charles W. Yost, Antonia B. Yost, Proprietors ~~~~

The Design and Repair of Fine Jewelry ~

Heart of Gold offers the most experienced jewelry design, redesign and repair in Lincoln. All the work is done on the premises by JA Certified Senior Bench Jeweler Charles Yost and Revere Academy graduate Antonia Yost to the highest specifications. For repairs, we offer a seamless turnaround at a fair price on anything from simple sizing and chain repair to complete restoration or rebuild/re-design of aged pieces.

For fabrication of fine jewelry "from scratch" we will work with you to realize your dream ~ yes, you can bring us the idea you sketched on a cocktail napkin! Silver, gold, copper, platinum ~ we work with them all. If you are used to a jewelry store being a shopping mart full of items mass-produced in factories overseas with nary a live artist to be found, you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Repairs Note - October 2011 -With the prices of silver and gold at all-time highs, it has become more expensive to purchase jewelry and a better option for many to repair, restore , or re-purpose your current pieces. Fortunately, at Heart of Gold Jewelers, this is our specialty. We have the expertise to make old and worn pieces look new again. Or we can take the stones and metal from unwanted pieces and turn them into something entirely new. You will also find that our prices for repairs and custom work will almost always beat those of the chain jewelry stores. Plus all the work is done right here at Heart of Gold.~~~

Classes ~

Beginning Soldering Class - Tuesday June 24th - This is a one session class that will introduce you to torch soldering. We will be building sterling silver pendants. Fee is $45 including all materials and use of our shop equipment.
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If you are not already on the list to receive information about classes, please do contact us if you'd like to be. Contact us at 402-325-0465 or heartofgold2@windstream.net or on Facebook to find out more about cclasses or to get on the email list.